Userfarm Wins Awards at Brand Experience Awards

By Martina Goodman

Paris, 13th May 2018

Last month Userfarm attended the Brand Experience Awards in Paris, and we were very excited to receive two medals- one gold medal (Golden Player) in the Business Model category with the Social Media Pack and one a Silver Player for a campaign for WWF’s Earth Hour in the Good Causes/Social category.

The Brand Experience Awards recognise the most innovative and high performing online video projects of the year. Various companies in production, advertising, and tech were all in attendance and nominated for various awards, with a final result of 16 winners and 83 shortlisted entries.

Userfarm utilises the crowdsourcing approach to build their filmmaker base. By creating a platform that creates thousands of videos each year, brands, agencies, and advertisers have a huge variety of videos to choose from.

Up until now, the selection was made on mainly qualitative grounds- however with the introduction of the social media package, advertisers can now test the organic performance of 10 to 20 shortlisted videos before they make their final decision.

This 2 week trial period to test engagement on multiple platforms is extremely beneficial for brands. With ever- changing algorithms on platforms such as Instagram, user engagement is crucial, and this strategy gives brands a test run for trial and error. Brands such as Herbalife, SNCF, and Arena Swimwear have all started using the Social Media Package.

“Advertisers are faced with an ever-growing demand for video content. This new approach boosts brands’ digital strategy by providing quality content backed by proven performance,” says Frederik Penot, CEO of Userfarm.

Userfarm is no stranger to the Brand Experience Awards, having won a medal last year for our work with Nespresso Talents in global vertical video. When it comes to vertical video as well as video crowdsourcing, Userfarm is a leader in both practices.

About  Userfarm

Userfarm is a global video crowdsourcing platform- and the leader in brand video creation. We work with agencies, brands and TV channels willing to engage their audience more efficiently through high-quality, authentic video content. Userfarm has built an international community of filmmakers who produce thousands of videos each year, of which 20% are in vertical format.

These videos go from video clips of a few seconds for social media to short films showcased in the most renowned film festivals. Through diverse storytelling created by our international network of videomakers, we connect brands with their followers in an entertaining and engaging way.

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