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Userfarm video crowd partners with Good Causes

Userfarm supports the ambitions of good causes and charitable institutions including LGBT equality, breast cancer awareness, Parkinson’s disease research, the Red Cross and UNICEF. Video produced by our global crowd of filmmakers enables good causes to reach their audiences and increase donations via emotional video with high viral potential.

November 21st, 2016 – Organizations in the charity sector are increasingly behaving like brands. Good causes and NGOs are developing promotional strategies to build their brands, engage their public and boost fundraising. To achieve this, NGOs are looking for partners with fresh communication strategies. Userfarm has collaborated with some leading causes to create effective and engaging video content.

Userfarm & LGBT
To combat stereotypes, the LGBT community launched a crowdsourced video contest with Userfarm. The objective of this video production project was to convey a message of openness, hope and equality to LGBT communities around the world. The selected videos were broadcast on the International Day against Homophobia (May 17) to coincide with the release of the movie “Credence”.

Userfarm & IACR
The IACR or Italian Association of Cancer Research worked with Userfarm to support the development of its “Pink Tape” fundraising campaign, which supports research on breast cancer. The aim of this video campaign was to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of the disease. The crowdsourced films show the importance of taking care of oneself, though natural, emotional stories of women’s daily life.

Userfarm & Parkinson
The Parkinson’s Research and Control Center, AbbVie & Limpe-Dismov Academy launched a crowd video contest with Userfarm. The goal of the campaign “You don’t have to be a superhero to live with Parkinson’s disease” was to create awareness of the living conditions of people with Parkinson’s disease. This initiative also aimed to inform people and spark wider discussion of the disease.

Userfarm & The Red Cross
To mark the launch of its new website “Help Stars” and to recruit new members, The Red Cross asked the Userfarm video community to produce short videos illustrating Red Cross activities. The idea was to produce a film that shows how we can promote the value of the Red Cross in our daily lives.

According to Frederik Pénot, CEO of Userfarm:
“We are proud to contribute to supporting great causes through our community of more than 120,000 filmmakers around the world. Moreover, we have noted that our filmmakers feel all the more involved when the message is socially committed. Video is one of the most powerful communication media to reach an audience in a warm and engaging way. On average, a project using video content is 85% more likely to receive funds.

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