Userfarm at Marketing Week Live’ 16

MWL16 - UserfarmOn the 27 and 28th of April Userfarm was “Centre Stage” at the Marketing Week Live show in front of a prestigious audience of leading marketers.

Jeffrey Lee, Userfarm CMO, was on the panel which debated around the future of video, along with Stephen O’Kelly, Marketing Director for Guinness, Jo Moore, Worldwide Brand Marketing Director for Lenovo and Richard Bowman, the VP Insight for BBC Worldwide.

Some highlights:

Estimates predict that by 2017, video content will make up 69% of all internet traffic, but how do you make yours stand out?

· Creativity is successful as long as it is relevant for the target audience, which means: viewed, liked, shared, commented. Userfarm’s global crowd brings spontaneous, high quality creativity that is relevant to different communities.

· Being relevant is not just in terms of content but it’s also about timing and format.

· Userfarm’s clients Trollbeads (Italian jewellery brand) is very clever at deciding how and when to release branded video content. Their crowdsourced videos have gone viral three times in the last year – twice on mother’s day and one last Christmas. There is no recipe for virality, but this brand consistently earns millions of organic views with no media spend.

· Format is important too. Most brands are still spend on TV commercials, but what about vertical videos? These days people watch video vertically on their mobiles. If you want to really connect with people, vertical video should be part of your plans. Nespresso chose this route and the winners of their vertical film contest, powered by Userfarm, have just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

Deciding on a strategy: Creating an emotional connection with customers or conveying complex information succinctly and clearly?

· On a practical level, videos are the most powerful way to deliver information and Google loves video for SEO. But good video should be able to deliver emotion even when giving information or talking about products – for instance using an actor and humour, rather than a flat animation.

· In the end emotion is the way we make connections, so emotion is key.

· Video these days is conversation more than content. People talk to each other with video. Facebook and Snapchat have billions of video views each day because people communicate through videos, saying things about themselves with the video they share. Brands need to participate in this conversation with relevant, engaging and emotional content.

Video is great but it can also be expensive. How do we produce greatness on a budget?

· Lenovo showed some great examples of their crowdsourcing work and the discussion clarified that with the crowd, you can produce a range of fantastic videos for a fraction of the cost of one TV commercial.

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