The French Riding Federation is launching a digital communication campaign in collaboration with Userfarm.

Following its impressive successes in the 2016 Olympic Games, the French Riding Federation is determined to gain new participants and is launching a digital communication campaign to help young children and their parents to take the leap.

ffeParis, the 1st of September 2016 – the main commitment of the French Horse Riding Federation (FFE) is to organise the horse riding across France through 9000 affiliated clubs. The federation aims to highlight riding activities and to attract new riders to try pony riding.

This digital communication campaign is part of a global strategy from the FFE, to promote and broaden the base for riding. Its aim is to raise parents’ and their children’s awareness of the pleasure horse riding. They also aim to improve access to horse riding activities across France, with ponies and horses adapted to all levels, qualified instructors in pony clubs and quality horse riding centres.

Produced in collaboration with the video crowdsourcing platform Userfarm, the campaign is developed through three 45-second short social videos named “Superpowers”, “Pony words” and “My dream comes true”. These videos show stories about passionate children who take part in this sport and transmit, in a fresh, funny and very tender way, the enthusiasm that they get from their beloved activity.

Video “Superpowers”

Through these three videos, the FFE wants to engage parents, showing horse riding just as it is: open minded, affordable, secure and nature-oriented – a wonderful adventure for all.

In FFE’s pony clubs, everyone can access horse riding, whether in cities or in the countryside. The goal is to raise the interest of children and their parents by helping them to realise how entertaining and enriching horse riding is, physically and mentally, and that it is not only a girls’ sport.

Video “My dream comes true”

The campaign is launched from the 31st of August 2016 in pre-roll on Youtube and via sponsored posts on Facebook. It is accessible on the FFE’s Youtube channel.

Mathias Hebert, in charge of the project, FFE:

The video campaign launched by the FFE has the objective of promoting the many benefits of horse riding. Healthy for the body and mind, riding contributes to the psycho-motor development of the child. Riding promotes values of respect for animals, nature, and others. The relationship created between the rider and his pony or horse offers him a unique complicity with an animal and helps him to develop an important knowledge of his natural environment.

Horse riding is an affordable sport, thanks to the shared riding model offered by FFE clubs. This solution allows joiners to share all the costs of the activity. It is also an accessible sport: a recent study showed that anyone can find a riding centre within 13 km of his home.”

Learn more on the future horse rider page on FFE’s website

FFE’s pony clubs and horse riding centres.

The FFE’s pony clubs and horse riding centres provide initiation sessions for horse riders, training and ponies, horses and infrastructures necessary for riding activities. In cities or in the country, these pony clubs and riding centres are committed to a quality and accessible offer for the pleasure of practitioners of all ages.

To celebrate the Day of the Horse, French pony clubs and horse riding centres will open their doors on the 18th of September. This is the chance for everyone to discover the nearest facilities and the activities they offer. Visit the Day of the Horse website to find the nearest club.

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