Selected videos: “Formidabile!”

We are pleased to announce the 12 vertical videos selected for our project with Flormidabil called “Formidabile!”

“Formidabile!” was looking to increase the awareness of Flormidabil through a series of engaging, short videos that have a high potential of going viral. With only 10 seconds, filmmakers were asked to create an irresistible curiosity towards Flormidabil.

The 12 selected videos are:

A hero for every day by Deborah.Minotto
Flormidabil 6 by simofc90
Palloncino Gonfiore! By e.story
Flormidabil Cold – More Practical by eizzof
Flormidabil 1 by simofc90
Weight by Maciekk
Jump by Maciekk
Flormidabil Party – More is Better by eizzof
Flormidabil 7 by simofc90
I giusti alleati! By Carbonara
Snow by PaulW.Franklin
Flormidabil 3 by simofc90
Our crowd impressed us with their creativity in the vertical format, something that we take very seriously at Userfarm!

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  1. Paul 2 years ago

    Nice. Can we see the videos somehow?

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