Nespresso Challenges Filmmakers to Tell a Story About the Food in Our Lives

For the fourth year, Nespresso chooses crowdsourcing video platform Userfarm to launch its international vertical film contest.

What:  Launch of Nespresso Talents 2019, a unique short film contest

How:  Aspiring filmmakers to submit short vertical films under the theme of “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT

When:  Contest opens on February 7th 2019 and closes on March 25th 2019

London, 7th February 2019: Nespresso is partnering again with curated crowdsourcing video platform Userfarm to launch Nespresso Talents 2019, a unique vertical filmmaking competition championing extraordinary talent around the world. Userfarm’s global crowd of 120,000 filmmakers will be challenged to create vertical video telling a story about food and everything that encompasses it- the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Launching on on February 7th under the theme “We Are What We Eat”, the global contest aims to showcase and celebrate food – its culture, its influence, and what it means to us.

Through food you…explore the world, you experience diversity, you work, you experiment, you share, you take care of yourself, you reward yourself, you get to know nature and seasons, you connect with earth, you teach your children.

A select jury of film specialists will choose the three best short films from a select shortlist, which will be available for the public to view on Announced at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, winners will not only receive funds in support of their film career but they will also be flown to the French Riviera’s most exclusive and world-renowned film festival.

Now in its fourth year, Nespresso Talents continues to push the boundaries of traditional filmmaking by asking that all submissions are in a vertical format (9:16), giving entrants a chance to explore their creativity through a completely new perspective. The Nespresso Talents competition is the first of its kind and in 2018, 383 videos were submitted from 45 different countries. For Nespresso Talents 2019 there are 8 local contests as well, for The United States, Mexico, Romania, The Czech Republic, France, Spain, Belgium, and The United Kingdom.

Vertical video is the fastest-growing video format and from an amateur format it has now become an established video art form. Most digital video viewing already takes place on mobile devices and people keep their mobiles upright up to 97% of the time and vertical video viewing has grown 600% in the last five years.

Alfonso Gonzalez: CMO at Nespresso, said: “We have a long-standing commitment to supporting cinematography and Nespresso Talents has become an amazing means to celebrate and empower filmmakers around the globe. This year we are inviting video makers to be bold and unleash their creativity to help us create a rallying cry for a brighter tomorrow, and we’re confident that the Userfarm crowd of top filmmakers will rise to the challenge.”

Frederik Pénot, CEO at Userfarm, said: “Nespresso Talents is one of the most prestigious and powerful global platforms for video crowdsourcing to demonstrate just how innovative, diverse and relevant and powerful its content can be. We are very excited to be helping Nespresso in its quest for high-quality, inspirational vertical videos, telling stories of food from across the globe.”


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