Agency group partners with Userfarm’s global video crowd

Worldwide Partners Inc, global network of Independent agencies with 65 agencies in more than 40 countries, partners with TOP VIDEO TALENTS, one of the largest global video crowdsourcing platform built with Userfarm.


PARIS, May 24th, 2018.
Worldwide Partners, Inc., one of the largest networks of independent advertising and marketing services agencies with 65 agencies in 40 countries, has partnered with Top Video Talents, a crowdsourcing platform for video creation. Uniting 150,000 filmmakers worldwide, Top Video Talents has been developed jointly since 2015 by BIG Success Paris (member of Worldwide Partners, Inc. network) and the world’s leading global video crowd, Userfarm.

Marketing is undergoing “videoization”. Video is increasingly vital in today’s marketing landscape for many purposes – website, branded content, viral, “how-to”, out-of-home, and of course TV. Critically, video is increasingly the language of social media communication, requiring creation of relevant, engaging video at unprecedented scale. Worldwide Partners, Inc. network of major independent agencies has been seeing increasing opportunities to deploy video and client demand for video solutions.

In response to both client and agency demand for cost-effective and innovative solutions to the “videoization” phenomenon, Worldwide Partners Inc. is making the Top Video Talents platform available to all its partner agencies as a managed, an in-house solution. Viewed as a compliment to, not a replacement of, the agencies’ creative and production resources, Top Video Talents gives every one of the partner agencies from Shanghai to Sao Paolo instant access to the world’s largest creative crowd of filmmakers.

From now on, any agency in the  Worldwide Partners, Inc. network can submit briefs to Top Video Talents and the global creative crowd will respond with high-quality, fully executed videos, produced by professional and amateur video makers of every ethnicity, orientation, ability, age, and attitude. This vibrant creative crowd generates unmatched creative diversity, authenticity and relevant storytelling for brands.

Overnight, Top Video Talents gives any Worldwide Partners Inc. partner agency the creative and productive power of 150,000 filmmakers in 140 countries, and access to an amazing range of creative solutions. These include short documentaries, 30-second ad spots, 15-sec viral videos and clips from multiple locations for an agency to edit into their traditional commercial.

Alternatively, a member agency can ask for ideas from the crowd and select the ones they like. This gives agencies access to dynamic, diverse creativity far beyond their own offices and cultures. The agency can then choose whether to produce the ideas with the crowd or with a traditional video production process.

The Worldwide Partners, Inc. network is capitalising on several years of joint groundwork by BIG Success Paris and Userfarm, on crowdsourcing video, which has resulted in production of hundreds of videos for clients such as FERRERO, TOSHIBA, ASUS, DANONE, LG, RENAULT, NESTLÉ…


John Harris CEO, Worldwide Partners, Inc.:Top Video Talents is an exciting new initiative for the agency world. Worldwide Partners Inc. is blazing a trail where many traditional agency groups are scared to tread. Worldwide Partners Inc. is all about harnessing the collaboration and creative power of a global network of innovative, independent agencies. Adding 150,000 independent creative minds to that network can only enhance the effectiveness and value of what we do for our clients.”

Rodolphe MULLER, Vice-President BIG Success Paris: “We are very proud to be able to help launch Top Video Talents with the Worldwide Partners Inc. network. After 3 years of success with crowdsourcing in the French market, we couldn’t keep this incredible source of creativity for ourselves. We’re convinced it will prove a game-changer for other Worldwide Partners Inc. agencies, as it has for us.”

Jeffrey Lee, Userfarm CMO: “There are so many ways that the global video crowd can help agencies. This pioneering partnership is an important step towards the acceptance of the creative power and commercial value of video crowdsourcing. The crowd will be a potent part of Worldwide Partners Inc. agencies’ toolkit and in their turn agencies will be contributing to the global growth of creative opportunity and marketing diversity.


About Worldwide Partners, Inc.
Worldwide Partners is one of the largest networks of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies in the world, comprised of over 65 independent agencies located in 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.

Worldwide Partners, Inc. serves as a hub that harnesses the creativity, local expertise and resources of the agencies within the partnership to solve problems for clients on a local, regional and international basis. Global brands including Heineken, Sony, Pfizer, Caterpillar, Las Vegas Tourism, and 3M gain access to best-in-class, entrepreneurially-driven agencies steeped in local knowledge in all markets where they engage Worldwide Partners’ agencies. For more information contact John Harris at

About BIG Success
A 100% independent, full-service advertising group, Big Success works on 360° solutions for its clients. It employs 90 people in France, UK, Belgium and NZ. It manages communications for more than 200 brands. It is the No. 1 agency for TV advertising in France, with more than 110 active clients on TV and more than 150 new TV spots every year. For more: contact Rodolphe at:

About Userfarm
Userfarm is the leading global video platform for brands, publishers and agencies wishing to engage audiences more effectively through high quality video content. Userfarm is a global crowd of talented filmmakers producing thousands of videos every year, about 20% of them in vertical format. These range from clips of just a few seconds for social media to short movies shown at the world’s top film festivals. Through the diverse, authentic story-telling created by our amazing crowd, we connect brands with their fans in many meaningful and entertaining ways. For more:


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