The Userfarm crowd flies high with Alitalia TV commercial

Alitalia‘s fabulous new commercial by Leo Burnett and Filmmaster Productions is getting plaudits across the world.
Userfarm’s global video crowd was part of this masterpiece, shooting in Japan and Brazil under the direction of Federico Brugia.

Lorenzo Cefis of Filmmaster said: “The Userfarm crowd provides amazing local talent around the world, swfitly and efficiently.”

For Jeffrey Lee,CMO of Userfarm, “The crowd has again proved its value, creativity and quality. Our filmmakers were able to help out a complex global project at short notice and deliver the highest quality of content.”

The exquisitely shot commercial, based around the idea “Made of Italy” has already been praised for being “fresh” and “simply beautiful” – thanks partly to the talent and passion of Userfarm’s amazing worldwide community of filmmakers.

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