Why the video Crowd works well for Non-Profits

Creating comms for a non-profit organisation can be more complex than for a commercial business. Your content should be produced with a level of humanity and truthfulness as well as talent.

Enter the Crowd!

Communication for a good cause can be challenging.  You can’t pretend to be an authentic supporter of a cause and you can’t just pretend to care. People will see through fake content in an instant.

But in a crowd of 120,000 filmmakers, you will find creative people who are passionate about the cause you are working for and even have intense personal experience of the issues relevant to the good cause you are promoting.

For instance, Abbvie and the Limpe_Dinsov Parkinson’s research centre asked Userfarm filmmakers to tell positive stories of people who face life with joy and gratification, even with the illness.

The Userfarm crowd unearthed an inspirational collection of artists, painters, actors, magicians, dearly loved parents & grandparents who  shared their incredible energy and resolve.

The best videos were celebrated during an event for World Parkinson’s Day. We all were moved by stories like Carmine and his passion for trees,

by a child with a hero grandfather.

The power of the crowd to find authentic stories for good causes was seen again in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when AIRC launched a video contest with Userfarm to tell stories of women who bring “prevention” into their super busy lives. One film told of a child how learnt how to take care of herself by looking at her mother’s behaviour.


Of course environmental causes can also find powerful advocates in the crowd. Userfarm is the crowdsourcing partner for WWF’s Earth Hour and with the challenge “What’s your reason to take action?” Userfarm films helped make Earth Hour 2017 the biggest yet.

They used eight videos and many were donated by the crowd.


By: Anna Cappellini

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