Vertical video: a key trend for 2018

Userfarm was credited in the Creativepool article revealing the upcoming Ad Trends of 2018.

Jeffrey Lee, CMO at Userfarm quoted: “Vertical doesn’t just mean turning your camera on its side. People now see the world through a vertical frame and all visual arts have to adapt to this reality. Vertical brings a new emphasis on the truly relevant and immediate in content, whether useful or emotional. It is a new kind of up-close-and-personal intimacy via people’s private interface to whatever and whoever is closest and most important to them. And the small screen suits close up work very well.

Vertical’s challenges also make it refreshing. It forces a reappraisal of old tropes like the big wide shot of the car on the open road and of snazzy visual virtuosity, which is pointless on a small screen. Overall vertical’s opportunities for creative far outweigh its challenges – storytelling remains the same, whatever medium you’re working in. Currently, brands wonder if they should shoot their videos in vertical. In 2018, brands should be asking what justifies them creating video in horizontal? The opportunity is especially great for youth marketing campaigns and for mobile-related brands; Vodafone, Uber, Netflix et al should insist that their marketers deliver a vertical-first creative strategy. But all brands will benefit – if John Lewis’s Christmas ad 2018 is in horizontal, they should be looking for a new agency.” READ MORE

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  1. Michael 3 years ago

    Great post! It’s interesting that in cinema people are trying to go as wide as possible yet social media craves vertical. It’s really shifted the way businesses need to think about their goals and how to produce the right content for the platform.

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