The Creative Crowd’s open Letter to Dove…

..after their latest diversity slip-up:


Dear Dove People,

We are a creative crowd of thousands of filmmakers all over the world. We love how Dove has broken stereotypes and positively impacted inclusive advertising around real women.

Of course it’s hard to get it right all the time, and we believe that the honest, open approach of the crowd could really help Dove continue to produce truly authentic brand content.

We don’t agonise about communicating diversity because we are diversity! Rather than exclusive policy teams making your diversity decisions, why not embrace the broad, inclusive, natural variety of the crowd?

For Dove – a  brand that prides itself on “Real Beauty” – the crowd could actually provide real content from real people, embodying genuine diversity and beauty.

In our videos you will see any kind of person you can imagine (and many you could not!) The crowd contains every gender, orientation, ethnicity, (dis)ability, nationality and family unit – no stereotyping here! This might all add up to “diversity” for you, for the crowd it is simply normal life.

Dear Dove People, we would be happy to contribute to your brand, which we believe holds love of diversity as a key value. We could kick off a contest this week and in just 40 days you could have a global kaleidoscope of hundreds of emotional videos.

You will be overwhelmed by the fresh, limitless, diverse creativity of our really beautiful and colourful minds.

Just email us at: [email protected] and 120,000 filmmakers are at your disposal.

Yours faithfully,

The Userfarm Crowd

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