The best way to pitch your idea? Make it!

Yes, this is the first advice we would give you, because, first of all it’s important to believe and give value to your own vision.

And nowadays you have no excuse no to start video production. High-end digital equipment is affordable and the number of people working in the creative/media industry is growing so it’s easier to find a team to help you out.

Still thinking about it? Call us! we can help. We are CURATED video crowdsourcing.
What does it mean?

Well, a lot of things.

  • Creative curation

Facing a creative brief like the ones Userfarm publishes weekly means setting your mind to adventure on unexplored paths. Everyone, rightly, is looking for originality.

So let your mind run free and liberate your imagination, breaking clichés. Actually that’s exactly what we’re looking for in 99% of projects.

On the other hand, the pursuit of “extreme” originality could distract you from some crucial aspects of the brief, its guidelines, technical requirements or its tone of voice that you should include in your video.

That’s why we’re here! Userfarm’s team is your trusted companion to help curate your idea.

As you have probably read in many manuals, when pitching an idea, it’s important to ask someone else’s opinion about your storyline and get their feedback.

Is the idea clear enough? What makes it memorable? Does it relate to the brand/product/service in a consistent way?

We are here to answer to all of these questions, for all of you, because we love to advise on your disruptive creative potential and help you develop it… and get your video watched by the widest possible audience. This is where collective creativity starts!

  • Music

Did you know that on you can pick a track from our library and use it to produce you video? We have many thousands of tracks, all pre-cleared and ready to be used in your videos.

  • Rights and clearance

Every author has to make sure that his or her work does not infringe copyright.

We are here to help: providing release forms, double checking terms and conditions of footage platforms you might want to use and so on. We also take care to double check that each video submitted complies with our standards in terms of copyright.

We deeply believe in the power of co-creation.

During the curated creative process we sit at the same table with hundreds, thousands of creative people from all around the world. We listen to their thoughts, we give our feedback and in a dynamic process they discover and express their own amazing golden nuggets of creativity.


So, next time you have a good, original idea for a Userfarm contest, before calling the camera rental service ask yourself: “What if I could improve my idea with some comments from industry pros?…Well, here we are!”.


By: Alessandro De Angelis

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