Sports brand Arena crowdsources video content for aquatics championships

Ahead of the 17th annual FINA World Aquatics Championship in Budapest, competitive swimwear brand Arena selected two Userfarm filmmakers’ videos for the company’s “Power of the Finish Line” social media campaign.

Arena worked with curated crowdsourcing video platform Userfarm to kick off a contest aimed at sourcing video content celebrating the values of champions alongside those who are champions in everyday life.

Part of its social media campaign “Power of the Finish Line”, the call for videos was designed to boost consumer engagement on social media as well as visibility of its sponsorship of the Budapest 2017 Swimming World Cup.

In the run-up to the sporting event of the year, more than 120,000 filmmakers, members of the Userfarm platform, were invited to submit their creative videos. Arena used the Userfarm Social Media Connector to maximise engagement and organic views of the submitted content on its Facebook page. Among the 46 videos submitted, Arena selected 2 videos and the authors were invited to Budapest.

Filippo Antoniello, Digital Brand Manager at Arena said: “As we wanted to celebrate the values that make individuals champions of everyday life, it was hugely important for us to capture people’s take on what being a champion means. Crowdsourced video was therefore the perfect way for us to create high quality, compelling creative content encapsulating the authenticity that we are pursuing. It also enabled us to truly connect and get closer to our audience at scale.”

Jeffrey Lee, CMO at Userfarm said: “The response of our network of more than 120,000 passionate filmmakers to Arena’s brief was very impressive, as they provided the brand with an incredible variety of high-quality, authentic and inspirational video content. Crowdsourcing video content enables brands to connect with consumers in a very powerful way, and we are delighted to have helped Arena explore new ways of engaging with their audiences.”


Definition of Champion

– Nell'intima e longeva storia d'amore di due settantenni si svela anche una storia di traguardi personali, mai passati per la televisione o di cui si sia mai letto sui giornali. Ognuno è d'ispirazione per l'altro, l'uomo vede nella moglie una campionessa: la segue, la sostiene a bordo piscina, la attende sulla 'finish line'. La moglie festeggia con il compagno di una vita i suoi record. Nessuno dei due ha bisogno ci siano pubblico o telecamere; la sfida è con se stessi per diventare la versione migliore di ciò che si è. – Timeless passion for sport. Timeless love for each other. The story of two old people and the success of their goal

Pubblicato da arena Water Fitness su Mercoledì 24 maggio 2017


Source: Netimperative

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