Marketing rules are evolving!

The rules of marketing have evolved, causing a real break from the past. Technology allows more interactivity between brands and consumers. Companies increasingly incorporate this new trend into their strategies and work closely with their customers to innovate and communicate differently.

Leading brands are trying to become more open, collaborative and agile to find authentic and sincere content. Embracing User Generated Content reinforces the brand-consumer link, but has its limits. Indeed, the content produced is often low quality and is rarely exploitable or broadcastable.

This is why these new collaborative creative approaches are only interesting if they are carried out with a professional structure to supervise and support the community of brand users (UGC). Such projects can be enhanced with professional content (Curated Crowdsourcing) to enhance creativity and quality. A win-win model that values ​​the best of both worlds – consumers and professionals.

Crowdsourcing refers to the ability to produce content collaboratively. The multi-cultural power of an international community ensures unlimited creative potential. There are many opportunities and crowdsourcing allows any brand, agency or institutions to access and be surprised by a gold mine of new ideas, shorter deadlines, lower budgets and engaging grass-roots content.

Crowdsourcing opens up brave new ares of creativity. It brings a real energy, creates beautiful storytelling and proves that talent has neither barriers nor borders. It democratizes creativity.

Userfarm’s disruptive approach offers responds flexibly to the needs of brand marketers:  quantity, quality, creativity, audience engagement, lower production cost…


The latest Userfarm projects prove that this system is truly democratizing :

  • Kinder for their 50th anniversary
  • Kronenbourg for their social media plan
  • Unilever TV and social video for the product launch of Pastapot
  • SNCF : Social video and media plan for their mobility offer
  • Lenovo YOGA: to support their TV campaign on digital
  • Times Up: to feed social media plan for Christmas



By: Thomas Bernard

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