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“Bicho” by Mariana Azcárate

“Nespresso Talents led me to a new way of thinking. It gave me a vertical perspective, and most importantly, it made me look inside of me in places I had never seen.”


“To Accept” by Daria Kashcheeva

“Nespresso Talents gave me the opportunity to express myself and develop my filmmaker career, it was absolutely brilliant and the experience to shoot in 9:16 was a beautiful challenge”


“Be A Light” by Christopher Johnson

“Taking part in the 2017 Nespresso Talents competition was a pleasure and an honour. This experience of a lifetime pushed my limits, took me out of my comfort zone, created friendships, and changed the way I look at creativity in each aspect of my life”


“Hola Ma” by Pablo Camargo

“With Nespresso we realised that a good story is fundamental to move the world. It was surprising to discover that we were suddenly professionals and thanks to the cinema we are connected to an amazing network of creators and filmmakers. It is not about being, is about doing. Good stories are democratising art around the world.”


“Burgatory” by Dan Kleinman & Abe Buckoke

Dan Kleinman – “Everything you have learnt or discovered from conventional 16:9 or 4:3 projects is pretty much thrown out the window. You have to start with a fresh mind to work out the best framing and movements within the new vertical dimension to tell your story. 

We were selected the UK and Ireland part of the competition and had the pleasure of going to Cannes with the amazing people from Nespresso who really looked after us and made sure we had a very special trip. All in all an amazing competition run by lovely people with great rewards!”


Abe Buckoke – “A unique opportunity to experiment with an exciting format and be treated exceptionally well.

Meeting international winner Daria Kashcheeva was a delight and I think her film’s style is inspiring and beautiful”


“Change” by Antonio Dezner

“Nespresso Talents gave me the strength to continue walking the filmmaker path at a defining moment of my life, it was great to see our work showcased around the globe, when you are an aspiring filmmaker it is of enormous importance to show your early stage films to as many people as possible, it doubtlessly pushes you forward”


“Growing: You have the power to grow” by Andrea Marshall

“My experience with the Nespresso Film Festival was unlike any experience that I have ever had. For me, I feel like it was the perfect way to express my thoughts in a way that was unique, and a perfect platform to share my ideas with the world”


“Resounding Colours” by Nuria Gonzalez

“This contest was a great challenge for me. We didn’t have a large production team, neither human resources nor materials. Therefore, I can summarise that beautiful experience in three words: personal learning, improvement and satisfaction”


By: Jesús Ovejero

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