Digital communities are turning B2C into C2B!

Digital is transforming some of the fundamental paradigms that have ruled business for years. One of the most interesting of such paradigm shifts is the change of mutual roles between providers and customers. The end user, the consumer, now rules.

Thanks to technology, today’s consumers have two-way communication with brands. They are no longer just passive consumers, targeted by tons of advertising spots created by the creative agencies. Now they have a “return channel” through which they can talk about a brand, its products and services, and give feedback.

So, B2C becomes C2B!

Today brands cannot just bombard consumers with ads. To make more desirable products and services, they need to understand their customers. Thanks to advanced IT platforms like Userfarm, brands can see and hear exactly what consumers think.

By running an open video call on a robust digital platform, brands receive a huge number of amazing videos, each of which, while within the brand’s brief general guidelines, provides them with authentic, original creativity and grass roots insight. Often the collective intelligence of a broad creative community tells us something new about the brand and/or the product. And these insights cannot be obtained by standard agency creative and production processes.

Sometimes the crowd’s creativity shows brands new insights:

Tic Tac learned how people play with the product in so many different ways.

Candy Crush learned how the app takes over people’s daily lives and based its next round of brand messaging on this approach from the crowd.

It is now accepted that brands are not defined by marketers, but by what consumers say. Today’s digital platforms allow brands to see what consumers really think and use that content for relevant, engaging marketing.


By: Adriano Fruscini

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