Camila Cabello releases Vertical Video for her hit ‘Havana’

We are pretty sure that as soon as you see the title, a particular lyric – and a tune – comes to your mind immediately – the hit song “Havana” featuring Young Thug by Camila Cabello.

But … why are we talking about this?

Maybe because of the new revolution…vertical video!

Here’s proof again that the vertical video revolution has arrived. The 9:16 format is the fastest-growing new way to express creativity.


Following this trend of vertical content we can highlight two main reasons why brands are using this vertical format:

The first is that in social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, vertical is the best way to view video content and generate traction with a brand’s loyal fan base. It is also a great way to acquire new ones.

The second reason is that once you have managed to capture the attention of an audience, it becomes easier to maintain it with vertical content. Vertical tends to be more intimate and engaging, with less distracting information around the main focus. This is clearly seen in the Havana video, which focuses on the singer.

The vertical revolution is approaching … and Userfarm is the world leader in Vertical Video production.

Her heart is in Havana, but where are the hearts of your followers?


If you want to learn more about vertical, visit our vertical video page.

And here’s a short video case study on how Nespresso is embracing vertical video.




By: Jesús Ovejero

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