Ultima Affinity_ the results are online!

Hi guys,

we are glad to announce the selected videos for Affinity _ He will always be the cat you met

Congratulations to the selected videomakers for your amazing work!

1st video selected :  María & Chaplin. Una amitad para siempre. By marcosgarper

2nd video selected :  ORSON&FRAN by Franzo

3rd video selected :  Klein & Irene by dieceux

4th video selected :  Affinity – Seta e Greca by Greca

5th video selected :  Pastis&Fabia by ttcinedreams

6th video selected : Théo et ses amies by Eliwood

PLEASE NOTE: If your video is not selected you can publish it but you must remove the endboard and any reference to the brand in the title and description.
If your video is selected, please do not publish it until it is published by the client, we will keep you posted about it!

Thank you,

your Userfarm team

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