Smart celebrates its 18th birthday – online the selected videos by the Client!

Are you ready to celebrate smart’s 18th birthday with our Creators?

The video contest ends with short, little and inspiring video..  the same as smart!

Please find below the 5 video selected by the Client:

  1. A sensational loop by antoniodimartino – 5.000euro
  2. Facile essere agili a 18 anni by Angelo.cerisara – 2.000euro
  3. Happy Birthday FORTWO by lematrioskedesign – 1.000euro
  4. Smart – Feel the Party! by mikyonepunch – 1.000euro
  5. smart you! by Pinols – 1.000euro

Thank you all for the amazing quality of your content and see you soon on Userfarm!

Userfarm team

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