Selected Videos For WWF Earth Hour

Bravo to all those who participated in this 2018 edition of WWF’s Earth Hour project.

We have received many beautiful, creative and thoughtful creations to be proud of, and we thank you for your involvement in raising awareness about the environment.

WWF was blown away by the quality of the films!

Discover the selection.


Il silenzio della natura

We teamed up with Userfarm, the world’s largest global crowdsourcing video platform, to discover how people across the world #Connect2Earth. We're happy to announce that we've shortlisted eight amazing short films! ??Here's the first one to kick things off: What is your place in the world? In silence, you can free your mind and find out who you are meant to be. Take a step into nature, #connect2earth and connect to yourself. Stay tuned for the rest of the shortlisted videos!

Pubblicato da Earth Hour su Mercoledì 21 marzo 2018

Nature is everywhere

Here's the next video we've shortlised from our Userfarm competition: Nature is everywhere, even in places you least expect. Once you look, you’ll see nature is everywhere. #Connect2Earth today and you might find the unlikeliest of treasures within your own city!

Pubblicato da Earth Hour su giovedì 22 marzo 2018


Stay tuned as we continue to share our shortlisted Userfarm videos?The trees and forests around us nourish us and help us thrive. But just taking without giving back to nature is a selfish thing to do. #Connect2Earth and help protect our planet?Here's the video entitled 'Nature'.

Pubblicato da Earth Hour su giovedì 22 marzo 2018


Congratulations for your great creations!

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