Selected Videos for Nonno Nanni and Celebrating One Million Views

By Martina Goodman

Userfarm recently held a contest for Nonno Nanni, called “The Best Grandpa There Is!” and in its sharing phase on the brand’s website the videos have now accumulated over one million views.

The sharing phase is possible thanks to Userfarm’s social media pack, an internally developed powerful tool to engage brand’s fan bases. Hundreds of thousands of people could enjoy, vote, and share amazing and emotional videos created by our crowd, which portrays in a very authentic way a generation that is so important for our children’s lives.

The grandparent and filmmaker whose video is the client’s and brand’s fans favourite, will be hosted by Nonno Nanni at their headquarters to celebrate Grandparent’s Day together.

We are happy to announce the two selected videos for this contest- “Nono Fernando” by Creamteam00100 and “Ridere” by T-rexfilm!


Grandparents are a source of love, knowledge, and storytelling that younger generations have always appreciated, and it is very special of Nonno Nanni to highlight this in their most recent project.

Bravo to our crowd for creating heart warming videos telling true stories of such inspiring grandparents!

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