Selected Videos for Ferrero Mon Chéri

July 24th, 2018

We are happy to announce the final results of Ferrero’s Mon Chéri, “Leave the Peace of Mind to Others

Mon Cheri asked asked you to create  videos which show how the unique characteristics of a Mon Chéri ensure a spark of excitement in each bite, far from a peaceful mind!

Thank you to all of the filmmakers who made videos for this call, all submissions received were thoughtful, creative, and engaging to watch.

Here are the selected videos and filmmakers:

1 –  Equilibrio tra le cose by Angelo.cerisara
2 – Golden hour  by SoulFilmProduction
3 – The peace of mind by ermbon
4 – Red Lips by Oros
5 – Mon Chéri, mon ami by mikekomm


Congratulations to the selected filmmakers!

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