Meet the Crowd: Scirocco

Who is Scirocco? How would you describe yourself as a filmmaker?

My real name is Marcello Di Noto and… yes I do consider myself a director and a screenwriter… a filmmaker in one word.

I founded “Scirocco Cinematografica” about 15 years ago. A production group for shooting short video clips. These are small productions, which allow us a lot of creative freedom.


Why did you decide to become a filmmaker?

I like to create an imaginary worlds which people decide to believe in.

I think people find reality boring. Our goal is to make realistic stories that transmit sensations to the public.


When did you first hear about Userfarm?

It was last year. A friend of mine referred me to the contest for the pasta brand Garofalo.

The idea immediately came to me; I thought that food is one of the few things that comes close to the pleasure of sex. Then I thought of a man who wants to seduce a woman with a “perfect dinner”, but didn’t pay enough attention to the quality of the pasta…

Potevi dirlo subito!

Un #cestoMETRO vuol dire donare il meglio della tradizione! #sapevatelo

Posted by METRO Italia Cash and Carry on Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017


We enjoy watching your works for each contest, how do you get inspired?

The brief is always very clear. But the inspiration comes generally when you’re doing or thinking something far removed from the contest.
I think that my ideas come from real life, told from a different point of view. So often the idea can come from a lived experience.
For the “Metro” video for example, the idea came from a childhood memory. My father used to receive baskets for Christmas and regularly changed the recipes and recycled them with satisfaction.


We would love to know more details about your style, how do you plan your video?  

I ask myself what the brand is expecting from us. My creative process actually has a very rational approach.

I read the brief very carefully and often more than once, especially the part where they describe the philosophy of the brand and the characteristics of the product.Then I watch the videos of the brand’s competitors and the latest videos of the brand on the internet to better understand the mood. Lastly, I think of the exact opposite and look for the idea from there.

My first production step is then to look for the right actors for the characters.


You have created films for many projects, how would describe your journey with Userfarm?

It has been a lucky journey since the very first contest!


Given your experience with us, would you recommend Userfarm to other filmmakers?

Definitely. Contests for filmmakers are like training for athletes.
It is very difficult for a filmmaker to produce videos for important brands. In the same way it is very risky for an important brand to choose a filmmaker with little experience. Userfarm gives the chance for both to experiment and try.


What movie would you recommend? 

if you’re talking about cinema, for very recent productions I would recommend “Trainspotting2” for its visual impact.


What’s your goal for 2018?

2018 has already been a lucky year for me.

My short film “Pazzo & Bella” is in the shortlist nomination for David di Donatello.

Of course for me that is something huge that I didn’t expect, even if my short film was selected for Italian and international festivals last year, and won many prizes.

But the David is something different. There were about 260 short films in the competition and being shortlisted among the best 5 is really unexpected.

Here is the trailer if you’re curious


Pazzo&Bella_TRAILER_ITA from Marcello Di Noto on Vimeo.


Next spring I’m going to shoot my first cinema movie. So fingers crossed!


We appreciate your time for this interview and we wish you all the best. Thanks a lot!


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