Meet the Crowd: Juan Jose Davila

When and why did you decide to become a filmmaker?

After I finished high school I discovered cult movies and I decided that I wanted to be a filmmaker. In my opinion, filmmaking is the most expressive form of art and I really love this profession.


We know you by your Userfarm name, JuanJose, but this username has multiple team members, can you tell us how many people are involved and the role of each one?

We are five team members and our roles are as follows:

Juan Jose Davila, Director of Photography and Creative Director

Fabian Rodriguez, Director and Screenwriter

Domingo Briceño, Director and Screenwriter

Bettsy Bättig, Post Production Director

Taryn Bastidas, Executive Production


How do you manage to set up your videos with your work colleagues?

We set up a brainstorming session first and then we give special attention to developing the idea. We think the real value of our videos comes from the idea and individual input of each team member. It is very important for us to have fun in the creation process and then we can satisfy the client’s needs.


After looking at the brief, how does the idea development process work?

We read the brief several times and then we have a brainstorming session to address the client’s requirements. This part of the process is time consuming and very difficult. Once every team member understands the brief properly, we start with the creation of the idea. That’s when the real magic starts to happen.


Your work for Buchanan’s was incredible. What inspired you to make this video?

Seeking greatness in everyday moments, realizing greatness is in oneself to the extent that we can recognize it in others and in the ability to share with those around us.



How did you find a way to explain your story in 15 seconds?

Through a photographer´s point of view searching for greatness and discovering that the concept goes deeper in the image, oneself, the field of emotion and everyday human sharing.

Dnde esta la Grandeza

– What inspired to make this video?- Seeking greatness in everyday moments. Realising greatness in oneself, to the extent that we can recognise it in others and in the ability to share with those around us. Discover "Donde esta la grandeza", selected for our call "This is Greatness" with Buchanan's.

Pubblicato da Userfarm su Mercoledì 20 dicembre 2017


The location of your short films are so beautiful. Where did you shoot the video?

The video was shot in the Andes Mountains and the city of Merida (Venezuela).


Being a filmmaker what advantages and disadvantages do you find with creating video for social networks?

For us there are great opportunities to be had thanks to social media. We are able to showcase our work all over the world and get in touch with important clients. A disadvantage that we have come across is that our production ability is sometimes reduced.


And lastly, could you recommend a film that has inspired you?

We have many movies that have inspired us but to name a few:

Little Miss Sunshine

La Grande Bellezza


Hotel Budapest

The Shining


By: Jesus Ovejero

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