Meet the Crowd: Cesar Deneken


Interview conducted by Jesus Ovejero


Hello Cesar, firstly, thanks a lot for your time in this interview. I believe you are working on your first film project, can you tell us more about that?

First of all, thank you very much for your interest. As you know, I am currently working in the development of my first feature film. The story I want to tell is inspired by the difficulties of a life dedicated to theatre. Difficulties that I know  very well because I am an actor, playwright and director since 1998. At this time, I am seeking funding to make the film.  I do believe that this is the most difficult phase. Although I am very confident that I can get it.

Why did you decide to become a filmmaker?

Since I was a child I always knew that I wanted to tell stories. But not stories to be read, but stories to be seen. I started writing and working with puppets, then in theatre and when I finally got my first camera, I started shooting. I have shot 41 short films since 2012, and they have been my school.  The cinema for me is a wonderful tool to be able to tell stories through images. I do not even feel like a filmmaker, because I have a lot to learn and discover from this wonderful language.

You are the first selected filmmaker in Nespresso Talents Spain this year for your work ‘Detalles’, could you tell us your inspiration for this film?

At first I could not find the idea. So I gave it up. Then, one day I looked at my wife, and the story was already written.

Did you find it at all challenging shooting in a vertical format?

I had never done any work in vertical format before, and certainly telling a story in this way was a very interesting challenge.

Did you have the chance to watch the selected videos?

I could see most of them, and I think there were very interesting videos.

Which was the one you liked most?

The one I liked more was “Wings”

Regarding Userfarm, we launch many different open calls for multiple firms, how do you face the brief? What is your creative process in order to make a video for Userfarm?

Writing on my whiteboard all the images or concepts that go around my head  is the first thing I do. Then, I try to create a sequence where those images appear. Sometimes I talk to my wife and friends, and they suggest interesting ideas and different points of view. Unfortunately I have a limit and I can not afford to think about high-cost productions, but I can solve it creatively.

What are your resources to access creativity?

Music and sports are the elements that I usually use when I work. On the other hand, a movie, a person, a book, a landscape, a dream, a phrase, an experience … can awaken your imagination.

Could tell us any tips for all the filmmakers who are starting in the film/advertisement/video industries?

An advice? Taking risks is essential when you are creating. It is also the most fun and can make you get amazing things.

What is a tv series that you are into right now?

I am not a follower of any series. I prefer to watch movies of any kind.

Any Spanish films that you can recommend to our Community?

“La isla mínima” by Alberto Rodriguez.

Thanks again for this interview and we hope to see more of your video works soon!


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