Love and disasters on four paws – the results are online!

Love and disasters on four paws – contest AXA 

Every video maker with a four pawed friend knows it well: they are the family’s best friend, someone like our most loved friends!

AXA invited Userfarm’s creative crowd to represent in a video the love we have for your pets by choosing among two different approaches:

I1. poetic and emotional

2. Amusing and ironic

The client loved so much the contents uploaded on our platform that they have chosen two extra videos!

Here is the complete list:

  1. True Love by visilab
  2. La festa by giulioska
  3. Sarei felice con te by valexs206
  4. La mia felicità sei tu by davideraiafilm
  5. I gatti e noi by mindaugas
  6. Complicità by fuffa
  7. Giornate feline by tre2richi

Very well done everyone for the amazing quality of your contents – we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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