Final Results for United Nation COP23: “Your Climate Change Story”

Userfarm is happy to announce the selected videos for a very special project- The United Nations and COP23’s “Your Climate Change Story”

We asked our crowd to help the political leaders participating in the  UN climate negotiations to  better understand what climate change represents for people across the planet, and how people feel are stepping up to tackle this great threat to humankind.

This competition is inspired by the Talanoa Dialogue, a UN-mandated process to take stock of global efforts to reduce the emissions of heat trapping greenhouse gases and to build greater resilience to the impacts of global warming.

The Userfarm crowd from every corner of the globe came together to tell truly incredible stories of how climate change is effecting their communities, we received many powerful and impactful videos.

The selected videos are:

  1. The Man With 50+ Years of Backyard Weather Data by nmurray
  2. Extinction of the Himba Tribe by filmstudent
  3. Save the Earth by aldo937
  4. Coral Bleaching in Fiji Islands by beaupilgrim
  5. Are You In? by aurora.ovan


As always, a massive thank you to our crowd, especially in telling stories that are so important to hear.

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