Final Results for Tesa

We are pleased to announce the two selected videos for our recent call for Tesa, titled “Hang it All!”

We asked filmmakers to think to themselves… How many times do we avoid doing some things simply because we do not believe we are up to it, we are afraid of making mistakes, or we are not sure of our decisions… so one can understand that hanging a picture always generates a moment (which in reality can even last days) of anxiety and uncertainty.

What if I ruin the wall? What if the nail breaks? What if I change my mind about the whole thing?

And above all- do I even really know how to properly use a hammer?

We received videos that that demonstrate, in an original and impactful way, how you can be free of these thoughts thanks to Tesa’s mounting products.

The selected videos are:

“Niente Paura” by SoulFilmProduction

Niente paura

Te la fai sotto dalla paura?Prendi spunto da chi sa fare meglio :)

Pubblicato da tesa su Lunedì 8 ottobre 2018


“Per un Pugno di Chiodi” stefanopolettidirector


Per un pugno di chiodi

Cosa saresti disposto a fare per… un pugno di chiodi tesa ?! 🙂 In amore vince chi è più veloce, affrettati a procurarteli!

Pubblicato da tesa su Lunedì 8 ottobre 2018

A big thanks you as always to our incredible crowd and the amount of creative videos we received- bravo!

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