Final Results for Findus: “Don’t You Feel Like Pizza?”

We are pleased to announce the 3 selected videos for our project with Findus, which is called “Don’t You Feel Like Pizza?

Findus has come out with a range of “Sofficini” pizzas, and they were looking for fun short videos about this new range for the whole family.

We asked our crowd for short, fun and engaging videos to communicate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the range, the only pizzas designed for the whole family and for every belly!

A big congratulations to filmmaker AntoinePaley for his three selected videos:

  • Findus – 3 Pizze
  • Findus – Sofficiosa
  • Findus – Picoletta Wurstel

A massive thank you to our crowd for making exciting, viral, and fun 6 – second videos, the content received was impressive as always!

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Dear Userfarmers, We are pleased to share with you the final results of our project for Carlsberg. The quality and creativity of your videos were really impressive and we hope you had fun creating your films and animations...

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