Final Results for Essilor

Essilor & Varilux, a French lens company reached out to Userfarm’s crowd, asking filmmakers to join the #ageisjustanumber movement and embrace the chance to fully enjoy your life and your age, thanks to Varilux’s amazing lenses. Videos were created showing how silly it is to consider yourself old just because your eyes are not behaving as you’d like them to. You’re sure to feel old if you make choices that do not help you enjoy your life!

Among the many funny, sweet, an clever videos we received, the client picked their ten favourites:

1° Watch Ouch! by camilahrizzo

2° La canne à pêche by Franzo

3° La lecture by fedefracchia

4° Saisir la perche by AntoinePaley

5° La télévision by Franzo

6° La loupe by Romanreyes

7° La vie en pose by Marco.Napoli

8° Le ping pong by horzsom

9° Le repas romantique SerBarristan

10° Le vernis à ongles by Romanreyes

and you can watch them all here.


Bravo once again to all of the participating crowd for these fast, fun, and creative videos!


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