Final Results for “Do You Know Where it Goes?!”

We asked our crowd to create a video for Centro di Raccolta Raee- we were looking for videos to help RAEE show Italian people where to properly dispose of their materials. This project is also exciting because selected videos are going on Italian television.

Here’s the list of the selected videos:

– RAEE ACTION – 1 Marcoderosso
– Non va qui! – giacomoquentin
– RAEE – ManonGrn
– Stiamo Arrivando – Spot Raee – mikyonepunch
– E tu sai dove buttarlo?! – matteoscotton
– Riciclo d’autore (versione 2) – fuffa
– Dove lo butto? – maxchicco
– Brand New Day – mauct
– Imperfect fit – tuperhero
– Remote Control – firol19

Thanks a lot to our crowd for your participation, all videos submitted were absolutely amazing!

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