Final Results for CAN: “It’s Urgent, Demand It!”

Global Warming is happening, and it is happening now.

The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) is the leading international cooperation group of developing countries vulnerable to climate change. Founded in 2009 by 11 nations it currently numbers 48 member states. CVF members advocate strong action on climate change by all countries.

Our call for videos was called “It’s Urgent, Demand It!” and we asked filmmakers for a story to be told that will impress, shock, and wake up all of those who think that climate change and the conditions of our planet are only something theoretical and not material.

Three videos were selected, and they are:

Stronger, Deadlier by Breech

The Sea Rises by sarataigher

Suficiente by romanreyes


A big congratulations to our videomakers for this call, showing us the power of the crowd in sending and showing a powerful message!

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