Filmmaker Of The Month: Mariana Azcárate

Hi Mariana, how are things?

Really well thanks… am very happy to be selected as the filmmaker of the month by Userfarm. Thanks for this interview.


Regarding your filmmaker career…at what stage do you think you are?

I made a short feature film in December and I am editing it right now. Also, I finished writing my first feature film in December. The truth is I don’t know if it is the first movie that I want to do but that process has helped me write from a honest perspective. I am in the middle of the creative process, listening and writing in order to give voice to a story that moves my soul.


Your journey with Userfarm has been incredible with work submitted for the likes of Kinder, BuddyBank, Rosato…How would you consider Userfarm in your filmmaker development process?

Amazing! All the contests have been different and I really enjoy them. Sergio Donis – an excellent professional photographer  – and I make a perfect team…we have lots of fun and take risks when creating videos, trusting in our story. Everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to create a video for Userfarm because it will expand your creativity thanks to all the different calls to action available.


In the previous Nespresso Talents 2017 contest, the videos selected by the Cannes jury were made by women, including Daria Kashcheeva and yourself; what is your opinion about women in the world of the filmmaking? What is it like to be a female film director?

I believe that women have the right to have the same opportunities that are given to men. I would like to see more films made by women. There are still not enough to be honest. Women, as in any profession or career, have to do double, or triple the effort of men and it doesn’t seem fair to me.

My wish is for all of us to be equal regardless of gender, and to be able to make the world a better place.


What can you tell us of your latest project for Rosato? Could you describe the planning that went into this?

I had always wanted to do something with indigenous people because I admire Mexican culture. So I went to La Selva Lacandona and met a woman who needed to be heard, because in the Lacandon jungle, just like all over the world, there are many women who need a voice.

They are women who deserve to study and work…Women who deserve to be independent.

I was very moved by my experience in the jungle and I wanted to help. I realised I could help them by making this video for Rosato and I will continue to look for new ways to support their cause.

Koh – TodayIsTheDay

Video 3° Classificato del contest #TodayIsTheDay contro la violenza sulle donne di Rosato & ActionAid Italia di Mariana Azcárate (Messico)Contribuisci anche tu, condividilo e lascia anche un piccolo un commento… per non rimanere indifferenti.

Posted by Rosato on Sonntag, 25. Februar 2018



Let’s talk about Nespresso! For those who don’t know, Mariana Azcárate was the director selected for the Cannes festival with her vertical masterpiece “Bicho”. How did your life change after Cannes?

It gave me a great deal of confidence because when I made  “Bicho” I did not think how I had to tell the story. There was no script to follow, and even if it was a three minute story, it had its own life and I did not interrupt it. So from that moment, I no longer interrupt any story…I let it flow naturally.


Talking about Cannes…Can you tell us about your experience?

The experience was wonderful. Each person I met there are unforgettable. I remember the night I arrived in Cannes; I went to the balcony and saw the sea. I had a very intense moment, which left me with great internal strength.


Your work is called “Bicho” which does not make sense if people translate it literally in English,  but in Spanish it means “a naughty kid”, where did you get the idea? Such an emotional story of the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson.

The child actor, Baruc Romero, is actually called Bicho. I actually didn’t know that it could translate into “Naughty Boy”. I knew it meant “Bug” which I thought was comical and sweet.

The story came naturally…I was inspired by Bicho and my ballet teacher Socorro Larrauri who plays the grandmother. It was actually very easy to write that story because it was a current situation and everything was super organic.


Another year and Userfarm and Nespresso are working together again for Nespresso Talents 2018, would you recommend participating to the Userfarm community of filmmakers?

Absolutely, I highly recommend everyone to participate. It is an opportunity to create amazing stories and have them be seen. It is also a really beautiful experience and I send my best wishes to all the filmmakers around the world! Some of whom I hope to meet someday!


This year the festival focuses on stories about women…do you have any advice for those filmmakers that decide to take part and will prepare their scripts for this project?

I love the subject of this project. It has a great deal of strength. The only thing I can say is that they should speak their own mind and they should believe in it 100%. When this happens everything becomes easy and simple. Sometimes we want to over-complicate things, but if we listen and have faith in our ideas and remain faithful to them, the magical can happen.


Thank you very much for your time Mariana, one last favour if I may, could you recommend a movie?

Sure…Bicho was shown at the festival in Morelia and they projected it right before a movie that I loved. It was called 1993 Summer by Carla Simón. I thought it was beautiful and it moved me greatly. I highly recommend it.

Thank you very much for the interview.


By: Jesús Ovejero

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