Filmmaker Of The Month: L’Edifice

 What led you to filmmaking? Can you tell us a bit about your journey?  

With our collective L’Edifice, we all went through very different creative paths before ending in the film Industry. Pierre started with rap music, Leila with photography and Juliette was a musician. But I think we all already had the desire to tell stories. We met during our filmmaker course at the Ecole de la Cité, in Saint-Denis (Paris), and later on, we decided to build the collective together. Cinema is a very complete art which encompasses many things we love. We are not real cinephiles actually, but we use it as a speaker to talk about things that excite us.


How did you hear about Userfarm and what made you to go for it?

We heard about Userfarm on LinkedIn, kind of by chance. We began to think “That could be cool”, and then one day, one of the projects really caught us. Userfarm is a nice space to create without constraining yourself, like a laboratory to test shots, script ideas, composition and camera motion.


What was your favourite project with Userfarm?

Garofalo pasta because of the amazing four talents we showcased; and Kinder, in which we achieved a result that really reflects the complementarity of our team.


How do you get inspired?

The first inspiration often comes from one person in the team. This person trusts herself, follows her instinct and writes down her first ideas while reading the brief. Once the idea is clear, once the desire to see it on screen rises, we share it with the rest of the team.  We refine it together before it is ready to be shot. This way, we keep a just-in-time production approach from the first idea to the screenwriting, the shooting and the post-production.


Did you ever find yourself struggling during a shoot? How did you cope with the situation?

We were shooting a short film in the countryside, in a house with a garden and a pond. It was spring. In other words the mating season for toads! It was just impossible to have silence on set. The croaking was so loud. We had to splash the water before every scene for 5 days to scare the toads away… “Silence on set” found a new dimension…


Your most unforgettable shooting experience?

Maybe framing with a steadycam at the back of a scooter or having to bring horses in the frame by herding  them with a quad bike… Shoots often put us in improbable situations…


You made a vertical format film for the Nespresso Talents 2017 edition, what do you think of this format? What did you learn from this experience?

We loved it. We are often looking for new writing approaches, new ways to broach videomaking. More technically, it forced us to fill the frame vertically, therefore to forget the superfluous and to focus on the subject.


As a filmmaker, do you have a specific topic you would like to tackle?

A project we would dream to accomplish all together is a documentary which would showcase different celebrations around the world. To highlight the differences but also and mainly, the similarities between humans


Could you reveal us a bit more about your universe?   

The keyword is “generous”. We want to convey motivation throughout our creations. Yet each of us has a very peculiar style.


Who would your mentor be?

Edgar Wright, for his rhythm, his ingenious shooting scripts and because he masters all the genres.


Your favourite movie?

There is not one movie in particular but we all liked a lot Divines by Houda Benyamina, released last year.


Some projects coming up?

Each of us has a short film in progress: Le mur for Juliette, Le vieux rappeur for Pierre, and Cut Cut for Leila. And we also have this common project of documentary in parallel.


To conclude, what does Userfarm offer you? Would you recommend it to filmmakers who would like to try it?

Userfarm is a source of creation. Its projects and briefs inspire us to try out new things. It allows us to keep a consistent pace between motivation and shoots. It is also a good laboratory to learn and progress as a filmmaker.


By: Marion Ratié

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