Discover the results of the Kidult video contest!

We are glad to share with you the results of our project for Kidult.

Kidult asked you to “Say it with a hug” because there are thousands of reasons for a hug and thousands of ways to give it or receive it.

Together you have created a wonderful world of hugs! Thanks, crowd!

Here are the selected videos:

  1. Ladies & Gentlemen by fuffa
  2. cello heart versione 3 by Giacomocello95
  3. Find your piece by GiuliaRossi
  4. Grateful hug by LeYa
  5. Un delicato abbraccio by kenji_81
  6. Post it by schiele
  7. Lighten up by Timotej
  8. Snowmen by JanStindl
  9. Sweater Hug by firol19
  10. Long warm winter hug by ChrdyBrdy
  11. Abbraccio in vetta by ericharlie
  12. Space hug by PatrykLe
  13. Hug your dog by VictorNaranjo
  14. Cyborg hug by pazart
  15. Bed hug by fedefracchia
  16. KIDULT DANZA ver02 by EduardoRodrigue
  17. Hurricane by sinpelusa
  18. Hug me by StwcCinema
  19. Hug by Maciekk
  20. Con vistas a la tierra by sinpelusa


Congratulations to all the creators of the selected videos!

Thank you!

Userfarm team

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