Filmmaker Of The Month: Daskydesign

Tell me more about daskydesign?

Dasky (Giuliano Grimaldi). I’m an Italian freelancer and I have been working in an advertising agency for about 15 years.

I have worked for several big agencies, both as an employee and as a freelancer.


How would you describe yourself as a filmmaker?

First of all, I’m a 3D Artist, but I also have a great passion for shooting video. For me, combining these two things is a perfect mix. I really like to experiment with new techniques and above all to follow and implement the project in all its steps: from the initial idea to the compositing and the final post production.


Why did you decide to become a filmmaker?

I had a gradual path. I always had a passion for drawing, sculpture and visual arts.

I started with street art, then as a graphic designer and web designer. I had a passion for 3D and for animation and when I worked as a web designer I preferred to do almost everything in Flash but was limited by specific techniques of web accessibility, so I decided to make my first videos.


When did you first hear about Userfarm?

It was a long time ago, I believe 5 or 6 years ago.


We enjoy watching the many videos you submit to our contests, how do you get inspired?

My inspiration process is actually very particular. Perhaps, It will come across as a heresy: I really like experimenting, trying new things, studying new techniques and often, while I am studying a new technique, at that moment, I have ideas about what I could do.

From this point of view, Userfarm, with its vast numbers of projects, has always given me the possibility to accomplish my ideas.


We would love to know more details about the animation style of your video – how do you plan your work?

I always like to insert 3D content in my videos to make them unique, or create everything in 3D.

Every time the process is different, it depends on what I plan to do.

I try to achieve things that are always different, in my opinion this is the reason why I am enthusiastic about every project in addition to having passion for this work.


How do you approach the brief?

I always try to go further and try to achieve something unexpected.


You have participated in many different projects, how would describe your journey with Userfarm?

With Userfarm I have complete creative freedom, I have the opportunity to wander between different brands and types of jobs. One never gets bored.


Based on your experience with us, would you recommend Userfarm to other filmmakers?

Absolutely yes.


Could you tell us any movie that we must to watch ?

As a 3D Artist I would like to suggest 3D short movies such as:

  • In a heartbeat
  • Wire Cutters movie
  • The Alchemist’s letter
  • The third and the seventh


What are your dreams and/or objectives for 2018?

Obviously to realize many new projects and try to do even better!


By: Jesús Ovejero

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