Buddybank video contest: discover the results!

Dear Userfarmers,

We are happy to announce the final results of the project for Buddybank.

BuddyBank asked you to create engaging, creative or emotional videos to empower their revolutionary bank app and experience, launched by Unicredit for iPhone owners.

Many filmmakers unleashed their imagination and vision, creating videos that play with the “B”, the icon of Buddybank’s app, and show how it is the key to each situation in which you need your buddy’s advice.

Congratulations to all those who made the project work so well.

We would especially like to thank the many new joiners who participated in a Usefarm video call for the first time – great work! We hope you enjoyed this project and we would love to see you submit more videos for our upcoming calls.


Here are the selected videos and filmmakers:

  1. The Prisoner by mikyonepunch
  2. Just surf your life by Bero9
  3. chi trova un tesoro… trova un amico ! by andrewstok

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