A joy to give, a pleasure to receive: the final results are online!

Hi guys,

We are really glad to announce the final results of the project “A joy to give, a pleasure to receive”.

Please take a look below to discover the results of the project:

1 Dillo con un bacio by corradoceron

2 Baci Perugina – ‘Il modo piu dolce’ by daskydesign

3 Un legame indivisibile (Musica Alternativa) by Abancone

4 Un Natale Stellare by SoulFilmProduction

5 Anything is possible by jasminajasinska

Well done to all videomakers for the good quality of the entries!

Please remember that the unselected videos are still owned by their author, please don’t forget to remove the endboard if you’d like to use it for your portfolio.

If your video is selected, please don’t use it until it’s used by the client

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