A crowd of beautiful minds…who can shoot a video

We have just closed our most recent challenge from the global tech company, Lenovo.

The brand chose the Userfarm to celebrate the 25th anniversary of an iconic brand and product, the ThinkPad.

Lenovo believes that ThinkPad gives the chance to a lot of special people around the world to make a difference, big or small, that makes them proud, and that has been achieved partly thanks to their trusty ThinkPad.

We asked the crowd to prove it.

So many challenges in one single call to action: These are ThinkPad people!

  • to find an authentic and meaningful story whose main character uses a ThinkPad
  • to verify that the ThinkPad has an active role within the achievement.
  • to create a relationship with the protagonist and shoot a video which is a personal story

Is it an open video contest? Yes.

Who else could have managed it? No one.

The Userfarm team worked with the filmmakers to give them all the possible insights to find the stories, to create a dialogue with the protagonists, to give the right visibility to the product, without creating a commercial.

This is the way we met an amazing doctor from Philippines, travelling to remote locations to help children and find the best possible treatment for each disease… with her two companions – her stethoscope and her laptop.

… or a father from Beijing, working far from his family, getting in touch with his sick children via Skype. With the aim of being able to help children all over the world, he invents a Bluetooth thermometer app – working on his Thinkpad.

And many other stories, from Hong Kong to Nigeria, from California to Poland. We are very proud of our crowd and the beauty they can reveal.

Next challenge? WWF Earth Hour… stay tuned!


By: Anna Cappellini

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