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Dear Userfarmers,

We are glad to announce the final results of the project for Rosato

To celebrate International Women’s day 2018, Rosato in partnership with Action Aid has launched the call “Today is the day to say NO”. They asked you to create a video to convey how important it is to give any woman the chance to be free, to choose and to turn the page when trapped in a domestic violence situation.

Many filmmakers unleashed their imaginations and created emotional, contemporary and touching videos but at the same time not extreme or too violent, facing this important topic in a right way.

Congratulations to all those who made the project work so well.

Here are the selected videos and filmmakers:
Here is the selected video:

  1. Believe In Yourself by arthurchays
  2. Oggi, niente trucco! by Daitona
  3. Koh by MarianaAzc2
  4. Non è mai troppo tardi per ricominciare by francescocoia

Congratulations to the creator of the selected project!

Thank you!

Userfarm team

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