Video contest Buchanan’s – the results are online!

Dear Userfarmers,

We are pleased to announce the videos selected by Buchanan’s.

Good news for our crowd: due to the amazing response, in terms of quantity and quality, Buchanan’s has chosen 40 videos instead of 30!

We would like to thank all the new Joiners who participated for the first time, great work! We hope you enjoyed this project and we would love to see you submit more videos for the upcoming calls.

Furthermore, we really appreciate the production effort: shooting a 15-second storytelling video is always difficult and you need a lot of creativity and passion.


A big round of applause for the 40 selected:

From 1st to 26th videos selected:

  • ¿Dónde está la grandeza? by JuanJose
  • Buchanan´s (El caminante) by JuanDiegoEscoba
  • Together to the stars by VictorNaranjo
  • Present for parents by sheko
  • Cocinar es amar by Marzel
  • Chasing Greatness by bmisantone
  • El pescador by TheQuietHouse
  • Buchanan’s (Recuerdos) by JuanDiegoEscoba
  • El alma en un instante by Marzel
  • la grandeza de vivir by maxavendano1
  • Vuelo by arypedro
  • FRESHNESS OF FREEDOM by VictorNaranjo
  • Una historia… con la cola! by mauct
  • This is greatness – Piano – DS by DimitrisSt32
  • Abrázame by sinpelusa
  • La grandeza de pequeños momentos by Deliris
  • A RUN by Poudlardo
  • Family first by Yann_DM
  • La ciudad que me inspira by esteban.hoyos
  • Do what you love by VictorNaranjo
  • Living the moment by VictorNaranjo
  • La grandeza es superación by Franzo
  • Algunas cosas nunca cambian by lifebyart
  • 1st Place by Artursml
  • Creating something new by jani222
  • La montaña de la vida by Leowillgo


From 27th to 40th videos selected:

  • Juntos Hacemos Grandeza by MalalaSansur
  • Sin miedo by arypedro
  • il deserto by schiele
  • Creation of Greatness by Gellabella
  • Sleeping nicely by Miahela.Budescu
  • Retiro en el sol by Terry57
  • Wake Up by Masha
  • The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it by maxmschwck
  • La Fuente de la Grandeza by TAVOMAYA
  • La strada di Nerone by marioi
  • Enjoy the moment in nature by jani222
  • Chamomile bathing by Miahela.Budescu
  • Exploring new places by jani222
  • Swimming Fun Life by hannahmaia

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